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ByteMaker Challenge 016-n0v (en)

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In November 2016, we will be launching an online contest, called “ByteMaker Challenge” for the first time. As we start small, there are 3 competitions for the first event. Below you will find everything you need to know. Since this contest is intended for everyone who has fun developing, there is this text in German and English.

Update: As the new GameMaker Studio 2 is in beta, it will be excluded from the competition. Only entries that run with Studio 1.4 are valid.


When will the competition take place?

Entries begin on 24 November and end on 27 November at midnight. From November 28th to November 30th will be voted. Winners will be announced on December 1st.

Who is allowed to participate?

Everyone who has fun demonstrating his skills with the GameMaker and who enjoys participating in competitions.

Where can I send my post?

On there will be an upload area. You can find information about the upload below.

Who decides about the winners?

Everyone can vote. Participants, organizers and neutral observers. If sufficient participants join, anyone who wishes to vote in a competition to choose his three favorites. If there are only three or fewer participants, only one voice is possible. With only one participant, the winner is automatically determined.

What happens after a competition?

All submissions end up in the download archive of and are preserved there until the end of mankind.

General rules

  1. All submissions must be created with the GameMaker and available as GameMaker files (Folder with the GMX file). Pure EXE files are disqualified. Except of course are sounds and graphics.
  2. You must be the author of the data. Sounds and graphics may be used by third parties if the license permits. The GameMaker code must come from you. 1: 1 Implementations of tutorials and examples will be disqualified.
  3. For reference, GameMaker Studio is version 1.4.1763 or higher, but not Studio 2. All submissions will be tested with this version, and will be released for selection only if it works.
  4. All submissions must be exportable as Windows EXE.
  5. It is recommended to install a function which can be used to abort the entry at any time using the Escape-key.
  6. Each application must contain a readme.txt. In the text file, the name and mail address of the creator, the name of the post, and (optional) a description. Without the specification of a mail address, we can not contact you if there are problems with the post.
  7. The upload must be a ZIP-file.
  8. Each application must contain a screenshot with a maximum width of 920 pixels. The screenshot will appear after the deadline on the reconciliation page.
  9. Everyone can participate in one or more competitions, but only once. In the case of several submissions to a competition by one person, only the first contribution is taken.



Create a game with only one object! You can use as many resources, scripts, and spaces as you want, but only one object.

No-Shader Realtime-Effect

Program an effect in the GameMaker that does not use a shader. The effect must be in real-time (no pre-calculated animations or movies!) And may not be interactive. 3D functions are allowed unless shaders are used. Sound is forbidden. An effect can also be a scene consisting of several individual effects. It is ideal when this effect / scene runs in a loop.


Make an arcade game that combines at least four game elements of the following classics:

  • Pong
  • Breakout
  • Space Invaders
  • Asteroids
  • Pac-Man
  • Frogger
  • Donkey Kong
  • Nibbler (Snake)
  • Tetris
  • Time Pilot

At least two classics must be visible and playable at all times. The play ideas must therefore be fused with each other. Example: A Pong and Breakout mix.

Sven Gramatke
Sven Gramatke//
Schreibt gelegentlich Artikel. Schwerpunkte sind Gamedesign, Programmierung (GML, PHP und JS), Retro und Berichte.

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